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(John Hager)



   I remember when you saw me walkin down your street time and again
   Id pretend I wasnt lookin at ya back when we were 10
   back when skies were bluer rivers were for fishin & swimmin in
   back when the sun was golden

   do u remember how they caught us stealin fountain pens at the 5 & 10
   your dad said I was no good & I couldnt see you again
   but trees were free for climbing and a buildin a tree house in
   and there was maple syrupin'

    before the world got too hot & life became a x-files plot
   no one killed you with a bio shot'n food was food bugs was not

   I believed in CENTER STREET I believed in then

I believed in then

   do you remember vaya con dios delicado skokiaan
   we sang in school choir and I'd see you then
   I believed in seein you often I believed in then

   till we moved 6 states away ...... Id never see your face again..........

   still I wrote you a letter & you wrote me back again I knew it was over b4 it ever began
   back when we believed women were women men were men & killin babies was a sin

   I remember walkin down your street a newspaper boy of 10
   past your house on center street my heart tremblin
   God was who I prayed to when I whispered please let me win back when I believed in then
   back when I believed in center st back when I believed in then

    John Hager Music BMI