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take a few moments to hear a lady speak truth

  A Christians Song   AGENT ORANGE DAY   Aint Nobody Wants To Die   AIR JESUS   Albuquerque Girl   All I Need Is You   America   American Kids  BIG TOM  Blue Avenue  Blue Blue Blue  Blue in Bowling Green  Blue River Of Tears   Blues Are Out To Get Me   Boomerang   Born In Bethlehem   Bye Bye Love   CLOUDS   Coconuts   Coconuts inst   Cry Cry Cry   David & Daniel   Day by Day (PQ)   Doggone Your Heart   Dont Play Me Hearts & Flowers   Dont Want Her Now   Ellie   Everlasting Blood   EVIL KINGDOM   Fastball Blues   Front Porch Love   Get Yourself Saved   Girl Needs a Guy (White)   Great White Throne   Heartbeat Blues   Hello Heartache   Here You Are Again   Hey  HIS CROWN OF LIFE   HIS OLD SHIP OF ZION   Honey (I Tell You)   Humpty Dumpty Heart   I'd Be With You   I Got A Little Feeling   Im Givin up on You   I Never Loved You   I Still Care   It's Jesus   I Wonder   IF ITS LOVE   If Youre Gonna Rock   It Isn't I   Jesus Forgive My Heart  Jesus Thank You for Loving Me   John 3:16   JUST JESUS   King of Fools   Kitchen Cajun Family Band   LADDER OF LIFE   Last Time With You   LIKE A SHIP   Lord's Life Insurance  Love of My Girl   Loves a Balloon   Moon   OH JESUS LOVES ME   Ol'Grey Goose   Old Country Church   On a Rainy Memphis Night   Our Saviors Blood   PRECIOUS JESUS   QUEEN O HEARTS   R.A.D.I.O.   ROAD TO HEAVEN(SG)   Rollin Thru TN   Sail Away Beneath the Silvery Moon   Salvation Train   SCAPEGOAT   Sinner He Knows You & Me   Slipping Away   Standing In the Moonlight   Take Him At His Word   TAKE IT   Teach Me Your Love   Thank You Jesus THATS THE DAY MY BLUE WORLD TURNED TO GOLD   There She Goes   THIEF   We Were On His Mind   We Were On His Mind   What Am I Gonna Do About You   When I Look At You   Where Do You Stand With God   Where Did My World Go   Who Is This Babe   Who Knew You   Who'll Pray for Me Since Mama's Gone  Why Cant You Be Loving Me   Wishin Waitin Hopin   Years   You Knock Me Out   You Baby You   Your Tears Aint Fallin Anymore   Youre My Girl   You Were There

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