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Knock Me Out Again
(You Knock Me Out)
(John Hager)

I didnt see it coming one second I was fine suddenly there you was flat on the canvas I was lyin

You rocked me with a look nailed me with a smile too time it takes to count to 10 ya had a W

You knock me out I'm hearin bells you knock me out feelin like I fell

I waltzed about sayin love's for fools and then you knock me out knock me out again

It felt like a sucker punch when your brown eyes met mine my heart couldnt cover up it didnt even try

KO'ed counted out oh babe I confide I'm seein lotsa stars now that I'm inclined

You knock me out why am I hearin strings you knock me out I'm hearin crickets sing

I knocked about and I can count to 10 you knock me out see the shape I'm in

You knock me out I'm seein 2 instead of 1 you knock me out what have you gone and done

I got no doubt when I'm on my feet again you'll knock me out knock me out again knock me out again

Knock me out no doubt you'll knock me out again

John Hager Music BMI