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(John Hager)

John Hager Music BMI 1988

hangin round twang town gettin refused - holes in my stories holes in my shoes

got the blues - the twang town blues - got them dang twang town blues

got me ditty's overflowin with truth- some's kinda pretty - some's kinda cute

i'd cut a deal for nothin -pennies a toot- when they listen they say that's nothin new

"your songs are cliche" - "your structures confused" -"you're lost in the 60's"-"it dont turn me loose"

i give 'em silly - they aint amused -it's "sorry bud it aint got me tappin my boots(shoes)

of course i'm cliche & my structure's confused - I'm a child of the 60's - bet you are too

our brain's rearranged -our heart's been misused - whos ears aint shot -we've all been abused -

well I'm done hangin round - ready to cruise - i'd play 'em this but what's the use

guess they call it payin your dues- got the dang twang town blues-i got them dang twang town blues